«Thanks a million.» Hermès International SCA – «What would we have done without you?» UBS AG – «Super Exquisite.» Ermenegildo Zegna – «We got a ton of compliments about you.» Mach Architektur – «The feedback from management, guests and media has been incredibly positive.» FIFA – «I got great feedback from the board of directors.» Novartis International AG – «What a joy!» M.S. – «...we really appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness.» Gönnerverein kispex – «You are true professionals – thank you!» Walder Wyss AG – «So, so great!» Laureus Fondation Switzerland – «Awesome!» Julius Bär & Co. AG – «I am utterly convinced we found the right partner for this important anniversary.» ABB Ltd. – «It was truly wonderful – as always.» Koller Auktionen AG – «One delicious bite after another.» P.H. – «The team was just superb.» U.F. – «An amazing job!» Audi AG – «The timing was absolutely perfect.» Credit Suisse AG – «Everyone was really happy.» Barclays PLC – «Nearly everyone used the word ‹outstanding›, which really says something.» Hauser & Wirth AG – «No more fancy-schmancy rubbish. Bravo!» B.C. – «We had an unforgettable event!» SP – «...it was everything it should have been.» Hublot – «Congratulations.» Switzerland Tourism – «It was perfect, as always.» Cartier SA