At Franzoli, it’s happiness that counts – not how much food is on the plate.*

Our passion for our craft has made us experts, and we’re always learning new tricks of the trade. A combination of the two is what makes Franzoli the go-to brand for authentic culinary experiences.

That means picking the cream of the crop to work for us. It also means using only the best products and ingredients in our kitchen. The result: superbly crafted dishes to be enjoyed in the moment, and remembered long afterwards.

It’s all about passion, which is something you either have or you don’t. Success, on the other hand, begins with good planning, and we’ve had over 20 years of practice at it – peace of mind indeed for anyone seeking to work with us. Whatever the occasion, Franzoli will help you to make it perfect.

Thank you for your trust. We hope we’ve whet your appetite.

Franz Rhomberg      Oliver Zingg     Daniel Dätwyler

* These aren’t our words: this is what our customers say time and again. And they truly mean it.